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Northeast Fair 2017


Ron Diamond
Hypnotist & Magician

Sixteenth Consecutive Year!
Host of the Pennsylvania Lottery Community Pavilion

A master at all levels of magic and hypnosis, Ron Diamond will intrigue you with his superb sense of timing and humor. With an advanced clinical certification and a practice in hypnotherapy, Ron brings this expertise to his hilarious shows so that each and every high energy program promises something different. Come find out why people arrive up to an hour early to get the best seats for his  late night hyonosis shows.

Amazing new illusions!
New Magic Tricks!
Amazing New Hypnosis Routines!

Ron Diamond Comedy-Hypnosis Shows are always standing room only!

Eudora Farms
Petting Zoo
Animals from
Around the World
Educational &

The World's Strongest Clown

uffo is not an ordinary clown. This gentle giant weighs in at over 200 pounds and has biceps that are bigger than most men's thighs. He juggles bowling balls as well as hatchets, meat cleavers, fire and chain saws - as long as they're not turned on! He rips telephone books in half and balances extension ladders and children sitting in chairs on his face. He lies on a bed of nails buried under a stack of cement blocks and walks on broken glass and machetes in his bare feet. He makes animals appear and disappear and escapes from chains, ropes, handcuffs and a strait jacket. He can unicycle, stilt walk, eat fire, ride a buffalo and has a little clown car as well as two big clown trucks, one even has it's own stage. He even has a little dog that does almost as many tricks as he does!

Buffo will be entertaining you all week long at the Northeast Fair!

More to Come!

Wolves of the World

The most unique show on the road today, the show presents the mystical, enigmatic wolf  - a whole pack in fact, performing right before
your eyes!

New this year! Don't miss it!